The Cumbersome Bunchersome

THE CUMBERSOME BUNCHERSOME (2020) The concept behind this short film is basically a stand-up comedy show. The film consists of 5 characters, Bobby Borbett (comedian and presenter of the show) and the 4 comedians, Baz, Iris, Bobby Barber and Derek. All of the characters in the film suffer from social anxiety and are awkward in public… Read More

Lifes a Drag

LIFES A DRAG (2017) The theme is “deadweight” (this is when a living being carries an unwanted weight around with it) in this case the “deadweight” is shown with two conjoined twins, one alive and one dead. Read More

Sounds of the City

SOUNDS OF THE CITY (2019) An audience specific project, targeted at children aged 4-6, 3D, CG cutout animation, intended to communicate with the intended audience using simple designs/ shapes and sounds. Read More

Back To

BACK TO (2017) The story of an Abandoned City. The visuals, which show a city without the human element, in combination with the eerie soundtrack are meant to trouble the viewer. Read More